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Navarre Bock Construction Inc
Navarre Bock Construction Inc

About Bock Construction Inc

As a private pilot & and fast car enthusiast, Kevin Bock likes getting into anything that "blows your hair back." I like to constantly challenge myself by setting a tough pace.

After 27 years in business the last six years spent running his Navarre area business – Bock Construction inc. has taken great pride in moving quality residential projects on a seamless schedule. "I watch a lot of these other projects move along at a snail's pace - and I can imagine peoples frustration "Bock said recently while playing with his five year old son, Brandon Lee. "I do a lot of high-end stuff. I'm used to dealing with demanding customers, so I have to try and stay well organized." I believe customers should see activity on their projects every day.

Bock's construction expertise started at a young age while serving as a master carpenter's apprentice in Canada, where high end staircases were his specialty. Even at a young age I knew exactly what I wanted in life. "I started building homes early."

After 21 years, (12 spent in Michigan) of building custom homes up north, Bock decided to relocate to the warmth of the Gulf Coast, setting on Navarre as his home shortly after hurricane Ivan & Dennis.

"I really feel like you have a great bunch of people here," Bock said. "you ask for directions at any convenience store and six people come up and try and help you. I build from Pensacola to Destin and everywhere in between and people are very friendly. Everyone has been very good to me and my family." It is a wonderful place to raise a little boy.

"As far as the economy goes I am very thankful. All of our work comes from word of mouth and I have had steady business long before the crisis began. If you are in a position to build or add-on, now is a great time. Interest rates are low, and material and labor costs have dropped significantly."

Now with a team of siding installers, trim carpenters, general purpose crews all on his payroll and a complete wood working shop, Bock takes great pride not only in his company's ability to complete homes in a timely manner, but also a unique, stylistic approach. "I believe having these people on payroll gives me an advantage in that when I make a promise to a customer, I can keep it. I'm not at the mercy of the sub trades or their schedules."

"The building codes and methods in Canada are very tough as well as innovative," Bock said. "I felt that if I applied some of those ideas and standards to my efforts down here – the different ways we do things up there coupled with the fact that I am a perfectionist – it would be a big hit, and it has been."

In addition to building custom homes, Bock Construction Inc. is well diversified. It also owns and operates several car washes in the Gulf Breeze and Fort Walton Beach area.

Bock and his wife Natasha, hope their young son Brandon Lee will one day reap the benefits of the "extraordinary" Santa Rosa School system. "Without a doubt my greatest asset is my family. Between my beautiful wife and my little boy "I really pulled a rabbit out of the hat". I am extremely lucky. Their love and support is a constant boost."

"Building & designing homes has been my passion for 27 years. That's what I like to do best," Bock said. "That's where I really shine."

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Construction Tips

Licensed and Insured.The last thing you want is a contractor to be working on your property, only to find out they don't have the proper insurance or aren't licensed to do the work, because if something goes wrong or someone is hurt at a work site, you could be held liable for the damages. Make sure that the general contractor you choose has ample worker's compensation, property damage, and personal liability coverage.

References.The best way to ascertain if the general contractor you choose is skilled and competent enough to do the job is to ask for and verify a list of references consisting of past customers that you can contact. Customers that get what they paid for and who are happy with the job your contractor has done for them are usually only to happy to provide an endorsement on the contractor's work. Choose us, and before long you'll be on our reference list!